The X Factor UK 2016 -Top 10 với chủ đề “Dòng nhạc Divas”


Sorry, 1 số ca khúc đã bị chặn . Nếu tìm được , mình sẽ post sau .

Ryan Lawrie – Rolling in the Deep (Adele)

Simon chê phần trình diễn của anh vào tuần trước lỗi thời . Tuần này anh trình bày như thế nào ?

GHÉT tất cả các ca khúc của mụ Adele .

Louise :Picked the right song, but i did not like it.

Sharon: I need to see your body moving, not with guitar. I want to see your personality.

(Mụ Sharon tưởng tên này chỉ mới 17 tuổi và đến từ Finland . Anh này 20t và đến từ Scotland.)

Simon: Thought the performance was clean, need roughing off. You had no high and low.

Gifty Louise – Lay Me Down (Sam Smith)

Sam Smith là 1 đực rựa , không phải diva . ummm. nhưng cũng có thể .

Và mình cũNg ghét tất cả các ca khúc của chị anh Sam Smith

LOuise: That’s how you do it. You are a STAR. I love everything about it.

Sharon: So emotional .  Agree with Louise . YOu are star.

Nicole: Stellar performance.


5 After Midnight – Valerie (Amy Winehouse)

Đám này phá hoại ca khúc kinh điển của Amy Winehousẹ

Nicole: I love the energy. I would choose a different song. This song is cheesy for you.  You need something relevant  (ca khúc trẻ trung hơn )

Simon: Terrible. The Choreography , vocal are terrible. Concentrate on the vocal rather than singing. This is the weakest performance by miles.

Sharon: I love the song. YOu get everyone happy. I don’t think it was cheesy.

Sam Lavery – Earth Song (Michael Jackson)

Matt Terry – I’ll Be There (Mariah Carey)

Matt: You are insistent. You can sing anything.

Sharon: Your vocal is getting better better. I love performance.

Simon: When I see the song “I’ll Be There” , I thought it was stupid thing, but I take it back, it was fantastic.

Honey G – Ice, Ice Baby/Under Pressure (Vanilla Ice, Queen, David Bowie)


Louise: All I know wherever I go, people are asking about Honey G.

Nicole: Your flow is getting better each week. You step up this week, you shut it down

Simon: I get chilled. Like I watch the horror movie, like exorcist. I don’t like it , but you kind of like it. I am your hater, but because of your enthusiasm and you love what you are doing , you turned it around. You win when people are talking about you.

Relley C – Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin)

Emily Middlemas – How Will I Know (Whitney Houston)

4 of Diamonds – Lady Marmelade/Bang Bang (Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil Kim, Pink/ Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj)

Saara Aalto – Oh So Quiet (Bjork)egend will be performing tomorrow night.

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