The Voice 11- Vòng Battle 2

Thích giọng ca của anh Michael Sanchez

Lane Mack vs Sophia Urista – Team Miley Cyrus – Money by Pink Floyd

Courtney Harrell vs. Ethan Tucker – Team Blake – Gravity by John Mayer


Ponciano Seoane vs. Elia Esparza – Team Adam – Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran – Download from iTunes – Ponciano Wins the Battle
Josette Diaz vs Charity Bowden – Team Miley – She’s Got You by Patsy Cline –Download from iTunes – Josette Wins the Battle. Charity we hardly knew ye (double montage!)
Khaliya Kimberlie vs Maye Thomas – Team Miley – For What It’s Worth by Stephen Stills –Download from iTunes – Maye Wins the Battle

Dave Moisan vs Michael Sanchez – Team Alicia – Valerie by Amy Winehouse

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