Faye Horne (24, Warwickshire) 4 YESes.

Ritchie Stevens (53).LOAI

Linda St-Claire – “Whenever Wherever”.LOAI

The Brooks (17, Cardiff)  Naughty Boy’s »Runnin’ (feat. Beyonce)4 YESes.

Antonia Mirat (32, Croatia) –s Mozart’s »Queen of the Night«, pop/opera version 3 YESes

Zbigniew Bialczak (Poland) LOAI

Ivy Grace Paredes (33, The Philippines)All The Man That I Need. 4 YESes.

Jamuna Gibbs (63) –“Dancing on my Own”. 3 YESes

Aeron Smith (20, Manchester)” Heaven”.  4 YESes.

Olivia Garcia (16, Wigan) Empire State of Mind\\

4 YESes.

Anelisa Lamola (26, London, originally from South Africa). “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”.  4 YESes.

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