The X Factor UK 2015- Nam thí sinh Tom Bleasby quyết định rời cuộc thi

Mặc dù được chọn vào 1 trong 6 thí sinh nam ở vòng 6 chair challenge, nhưng Tom Bleasby đã quyết định rời show .

Nam thí sinh này cho biết anh cảm thấy chưa tâm lý chuẩn bị cho cuộc thi này sau khi được chọn . Anh có lời xin lỗi đã làm cho cuộc thi có phần rối vì quyết định ít kỷ của anh .

Anh viết trên trang cá nhân

It was a tough decision; I think I really discovered it at the 6 Chair Challenge. I just don’t know if I felt vocally ready to take on the competition and the pressure. I’m quite a relatively new singer, back in March, I was singing in my bedroom, so I’ve never took to live performing very well. I’m still discovering myself and in the competition, there are some amazing singers and I feel like I need more time to get better myself, as I don’t feel like I’m strong enough.

Moving forward, without being 100% would have been selfish on my part because I would have stopped someone else who was at 100% vocally from going further in the competition. Hopefully given time, I could get there with more time to grow artistically and vocally.

Nick Grimshaw phải chọn thí sinh nam khác để thay thế cho Tom .

Tom Bleasby ở vòng 6 chair challengẹ

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