The X Factor UK 2015-Vòng Bootcamp

Để Ý nhóm 13

Group 1: Ryan Ruckledge (23), Katie Coleman (21), Samantha Atkinson (31), SilverTone (22-32), and Alex Wallhead (21)
Ca khúc trình bày-Anything Could Happen
Alex bi LOAI

Group 2: Jennifer Phillips (34), BEKLN (22-31), Stephanie Beeby (17), Israel Allen (24) and Bupsi (37)
Ca khúc trình bày- Proud Mary
Stephanie Beeby bi LOAI

Group 3: Chloe Paige, Anton Banaghan and cọ
Ca khúc trình bày: A Fool In Love

Group 4: Alien and co.
Ca khúc trình bày: All About That Bass

Group 5: Sean Miley Moore, My Bad Sister, Zen Blythe and others

Group 6: Lauren Murray (25), Jade McGuire (30), Tribe, Nathanael Landskroner (16) and Jojo Desmond (35)
Ca khúc trình bày: Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror

Group 7: Red Nile (18-22), Danny Sharples (26), Anton Stephans (45), Gifty Louise (19) and Mason Noise (21).
Ca khúc trình bày: Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

Group 8: Monica Michael (25), Papasidero (24), Batz in Da Belfry (28/29), Sophie Plumb (22) and Princess Diamond (26)
Ca khúc trình bày: Blank Space

Group 9: Simon Lynch (23), Tom Bleasby (19), Karen Mav (23), Joseph McCaul (27) and Sophie Stott
Song: Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror

Group 10: Jamie Benkert (24), Josh Daniel (21), Mon Amie (19-21), Ben Clarke (25) and Andy Taylor (35).
Ca khúc trình bày:g – Wonderful World

Group 11: Kiera Weathers (18), Castellio (23-24), Kelly-Mai Webb (23), Lochei (34) and Decibellas (22-25)
Ca khúc trình bày – Blank Space

Group 13: Louisa Johnson (17), Neneth Lyons (36), Jasmine Leigh Morris (21), Fourth Power (19-27), Andre Batchelor and Sherlyn Hamilton Shaw (40)
Ca khúc trình bày – Proud Mary

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