American Idol 14- Vòng Hollywood 3

Nhóm Sal’s Gals – “Drive By” – Sal Valentinetti, Alexis Granville, Jax, Kaitlin and Kelley Kime – “Drive By” –

Nhóm Three to One Brunettes – “A Little Help from My Friends” by the Beatles – Riley Bria, Keri Lynn Roach, Emily Brooke, Jake Black

Blvd – “Since U Been Gone” – Cody Fry, Kelleyann Rogers, Piper Jones and Rayvon Owen

Vital Signs – “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5 – Adanna Duru, Cindy Maslov, Denise Natoli, Camille Peruto

LKYCO – “Story of My Life” by One Direction – Trevor Douglas, Qaasim Middleton, Daniel Seavey, Savion Wright –

No Sleep – Hollywood Anderson, Laurel Taylor Taunton, Amber Kelechi, Monica. Brittany

Lovey James, Kory Wheeler, Jess Lamb, Carla Davis – “All About That Bass”

Rocky’s Crew – Tanya MacKenna, Rocky Peter, Rich, Trent – “Come and Get It”

Soul Connection – Heatherle Spires, Erika David, Sarina-Joi Crowe, Adriana Simon

Jackie Nese, Maddie Walker, and some others sing “Grenade.”

Garrett’s Girls – Garrett Miles – “Done”

Violet Vixens – Joey Cook, Krista Bettevy, Shannon Berthiaume and Naomi Tatsuoka – “Somebody to Love”

One thought on “American Idol 14- Vòng Hollywood 3

  1. Choep! group Violet Vixens hát tốt nhất! Thích Joey Cook quá, cá tính, giọng hát rất riêng. Tiếc cho Sal, super nice guy, haizzz……bài Drive By ko hợp :(.

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